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The Nike Classic Padded Women\’s Medium SupportSports Brafeatures racerback straps that give you support and full range of motion during your workout. Ideal for medium-impact sports like cycling, dance and cardio classes, this bra is an ideal go-to.


  • Dri-FITTechnology helps keep you dry and comfortable
  • Compression fit for snug support
  • Removable pads for a custom shape
  • Strap stabilizers reduce bounce
  • Chest band offers a soft, secure fit
  • Flat seams move smoothly against your skin

Product Details

  • Fabric:Body/lining: 88% recycled polyester/12% spandex. Mesh: 80% polyester/20% spandex. Bottom hem: 86% nylon/14% spandex. Pad top fabric/pad back fabric: 100% polyester. Pad: 100% polyurethane.
  • Machine wash
  • Imported
  • Shown: White/Black/Black
  • Style: 823312-100
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